Turning Your Lens Into A Macro For Under $10

Posted by Stacie Jensen | March 31, 2012 19

If you are familiar with weddings or natural photography you know that a macro lens will make all the difference.  Producing a high quality photograph of wedding bands can be pain-staking when it comes to the crisp detail if you do not have the necessary tools.



(Please don’t mind the water stains on my ring, I left them to show you the AMAZING detail this trick will give you)


With all the cost associated with being in the photography business, is it really necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on specialty lenses when you can do for under $8?  I’m here to let you in on a little secret … wait here comes the surprise … TURN YOUR LENS BACKWARDS.  Makes no sense right?  But it does.  Your lens is intended to take a large-scale scene of the real world and compress it into something printable.  Of course with mirrors, glass, bells & whistles the world is shrunk to fit our art.  Well what happens when you flip that lens?  It takes all the small details (ex. facets of a ring) and ENLARGES them.


It really is an incredible concept and if you think of the mechanics of your lens you can understand that reversing it will give you everything you need. Why carry two lenses when you all you need is an adapter ring when the time comes for a macro shot?!


(Photo below shows camera body, a simple prime lens, and the adapter ring that will make your lens fit on body backwards)



(Ring on the right is the adapter – that’s it, small & simple but allows you to flip your lens backwards and attach to your camera body – making it a Macro lens)


I use my 50mm 1.8, which is a little black dress in the portrait world for this trick.  When using this ring to flip your favorite lens around you will need to be the camera’s focus – it will only work in manual mode.  But wait, that’s even easier.  All it requires is that you move the camera closer or farther way until you have a perfect focus.  Easy and affordable!!!


(Photo below is lens attached to camera body backwards using the adapter ring … notice you can see the aperture blades – pretty awesome right?)



With this trick you will save money and lighten your load.  Can’t go wrong!


Link to purchase the one used in these photos http://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Filter-Thread-Reverse-Adapter/dp/B001G4NBSC/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1325517206&sr=8-6 - This adapter fits a 50mm Nikon lens but there are more adapters out their to fit your needs


Here is the link for a canon adapter


Interesting note from Katie Cole – if you have a 50mm 1.4 you will need to purchase a 52mm-58mm step-up ring since the diameter of the 50-1.4 is bigger than the 50-1.8. It’s only $4 on amazon and will fit to the adapter ring you suggested. This is a way cool idea! I just purchased the adapter an step-up and can’t wait to try it out!! Thanks! Link to step-up ring http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0000AG92Z , note that this is a step-up ring for 50mm 1.4, plus you will need the adapter listed above.


Here’s a trick - use your finger to slide and hold the aperture lever to adjust the light coming in.  Don’t stick anything in here to keep it open, that could potentially ruin your lens (some people suggest doing this) . I just keep my finger on this and slide back and forth to control the light – Its a great TRICK – your finger will not be in the shot)



These are ideas and tricks.  In no way is Stacie Jensen Photography, LLC responsible for equipment used, lost or damaged while performing this.

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